Montara Townhomes
Located in Forest Heights - Portland, Oregon

Welcome to Montara Townhomes old webpage. Please note that this page is no longer maintained, but you may find some useful information from the past.

The Montara Townhomes is located Forest Heights - Portland, Oregon

Montara HOA useful documents.

A lot of information about Oregon.

Old contacts for Montara.

Fun Stuff
Jokes, Riddles, and other fun stuff.

If you are moving to Oregon from out of state, your first order of business is to become a Fotball Fan of either the Ducks or the Beavers. Please choose below and get gear accordingly.

Oregon Beavers
Beavers Fans:
Get all your Beavers gear here!

Oregon Ducks
Ducks Fans:
Get all your Ducks gear here!

World Information
Learn more about the world you live in!

Saving Christmas
Will their growing attraction help Matt save Christmas before its too late?

The Biggest Loser
Calorie Counter

Building on the groundbreaking success of The Biggest Loser brand, this addition to the New York Times bestselling book and follow-up cookbook is sure to be a success with big losers everywhere!

President George Washington
Despite the reverence his name inspires, Washington remains a lifeless waxwork for many Americans, worthy but dull.

Authentic Mexican Recipes
Welcome to our 101 Authentic Mexican Recipes Book! This won’t be like any other cookbook that you have ever seen.

Everyday Math for Dummies
After you graduated from high school, college, or even graduate school you might have vowed never to deal with math again, right?

History of the Automobile
Once viewed as a plaything of the wealthy and eccentric, the car is now an integral part of modern life.

Ask Your Science Teacher
Curiosity stirs the soul of every human. Who has not wondered about how the human body works? Can a person drink too much water?

Oregon Coastal Access Guide
Oregon is renowned not only for the natural beauty of its coastline but also for its enlightened tradition of publicly owned and protected beaches.

What Does Yolo Mean?
Do you know what Yolo means?

The New Astrology
Though the practice of astrology is many centuries old, it is only perhaps once in a generation that a thoroughly new, totally original way of looking at the zodiac is discovered.

Wise Sayings
Old Wise Sayings. Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it and many more...

Proverbs and Sayings
Collection of more than 1000 proverbs and sayings. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Texting Abbreviations
Texting acronyms, texting abbreviations, text message shortcuts, Internet slang, or SMS language.

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