Authentic Mexican Recipes
    Welcome to our 101 Authentic Mexican Recipes Book!

Authentic Mexican Recipes
Welcome to our 101 Authentic Mexican Recipes Book! This won’t be like any other cookbook that you have ever seen.

You see, the recipes in this cookbook are true authentic recipes that are over 100 years old! There are no “exact” ingredient listings or pretty pictures, just the best, secret, authentic Mexican recipes from your grandma’s grandma.

Think of it this way....It’s like you were cleaning out your grandma’s garage and you found an old dresser and lo and behold you open up one of the drawers and you find some crumpled up hand-written sheets of paper. On all of this paper, you realize you have found a goldmine...authentic Mexican recipes from generations ago, nothing like the Americanized versions that are usually made today.

Well, that is basically what these recipes are...amazing, authentic, very old, and TRUE Mexican goodness.

This book is broken up in a number of different sections. You will find recipes for Mexican Soup, Fish, Meat, Chicken, Vegetables, Meat Dumplings, Desserts, Enchiladas, Tamales, and more.

Everything in this recipe book is authentic and amazing. If you cook some of these recipes, you will blow your mind (and everyone you feed) when you realize how good (and different) this food tastes.

Cinco de Mayo
What is Cinco de Mayo? History, facts, celebrations, and more info about Cinco de Mayo.

What is a Pinata?
We tell you what a piata really is and the idea behind it.

Mexico Flag
Description and information about the Mexican flag

Country of Mexico
General information about the country of Mexico.

Authentic Mexican
Americans have at last discovered Mexico's passion for exciting food.

Mexican Made Easy
Why wait until Tuesday night to have tacos and why would you ever use a processed kit when you can make vibrant, fresh Mexican food every night of the week with Mexican Made Easy?

Fresh Mexico
Inspired ideas, helpful cooking techniques, and ingredient substitutions make this the most accessible, appealing, and contemporary Mexican cookbook you’ll find today.

What is Mexican Food?
Mexican food has become part of the American cuisine, but what is Mexican food?

Mexican Corn on the Cob
What is Mexican Corn on the Cob? How to make Mexican Corn on the Cob.

Mexican Rice
What is Mexican Rice? Learn more about our favorite Mexican side dish.

How to cook rice
Step by step instructions on how to cook rice with pictures and illustrations.

Truly Mexican
Mexican cuisine is an American favorite from coast to coast

Mexican Street Food
Street food, the heart and soul of Mexico's diverse culture, goes gourmet - try the best recipes from the beloved Dos Caminos restaurants at home!

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