World Information
Information about the world

World Flags
See pictures of all the decorative flags in the world.

Independence Day
Around the world

Find out what day different countries celebrate Independence Day and other National Days.

National Anthems
National Anthem for different countries around the world.

National Symbols
Most countries have a national symbol. Find out what they are here!

What is the birthrate of?
What is the definition of birthrate and what is the birthrate of a specific country.

What is the Literacy Rate of?
Definition of Literacy Rate and what is the Literacy Rate of a different countries in the world.

What is the Life Expectancy of?
Definition of Life Expectancy rate and what is the Life Expectancy of a different countries in the world.

What Does The Flag Look Like?
What does the country flag look like, mean and represent. Learn more about the flags in the world.

World Countries
Complete list of all the countries and places in the world. Explore and learn more about the country you are interested in.

Where is that country?
How well do you know the location of the countries on our planet? Check your knowledge here.

Government Legal System
Different countries, different legal systems. Read about the different legal systems.

What is the Capital of?
Questions and answers to capitals of all the countries in the world.

Top-Level Domain
Top-level Domain (TLD) for all the countries.

Population Below Poverty Line
Percent of people in different countries that live below the poverty line.

Population Growth Rate
Definition of population Growth Rate and what is the population Growth Rate in different countries around the world.

Universal Healthcare
What countries in the world have Universal Healthcare?

Life Expectancy vs. Universal Healthcare
Is there a correlation between Life Expectancy and Universal Healthcare?

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